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Cambridge Montessori PreSchool

Cambridge Montessori Pre School and Day Care welcomes all the parents and inquisitive kids to an environment full of creativity, exploration and learning by doing the experimental lab. The infrastructure at CMPS Arekere encourages the student to find their true potential by engaging them in a manner which includes 5 W’s (Why, Who, Whom, where and What) in their mind. It also helps develop critical thinking and probing techniques. Being a composite Montessori environment is all scientific and works on the holistic development of the child and creates a confident individual. No one understands the child’s need and behaviour better than parents but we at Cambridge Montessori takes all the responsibility of your child to take his/her first step in this world.


Cambridge Montessori PreSchool

Cambridge Montessori PreSchool  Arekere, has continously focused to improve the learning process and has involved with community to help and bring out the best of it.

  • Child-centric curriculum at par with best in the world.
  • The international standard of Montessori education.
  • Supported by the international council of Montessori experts. 
  • Fun Zone.
  • The international standard daycare program.
  • Assessment of children’s progress


We are Unique!

Experienced Teachers

Our teachers are well qualified and equipped with regular training, workshops and assessments which make them efficient in handling the grim situation and spruce up to provide required acumen and resources.

Different Approach

In our unique approach the children are encourages to learn by touching,Feeling and doing things. They gain a very concrete understanding of the materials which inculcates ownership and leadership.

Montessori Curriculum

The Curriculum of our schools provides stimulating learning experiences that respond to the individual’s unique characteristics and learning styles to reach their full potential.

Safety and security

Keeping in mind the tender age pf our tiny tots, child safety & security is an upmost priority for us. Our services include well managed 24 hrs CCTV access, live GPS tracking, RFID installation and tight security.

Love & Care

Our students get benefits from our learning environment, intrinsically interesting materials and age-appropriate development activities which enhance their creativity, thinking skills and language abilities.

Health and Hygiene

Cambridge Montessori Pre School follows strict hygiene standards. Our schools maintain a high level of cleanliness. Every center follows standard protocols to ensure the cleanliness of the place and objects.

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